I have got a questions about html forms....I figured I would put this in the tutorial section because it can be a tricky subject.

Now my question is when creating a form for a web page the setup is pretty easy to have a form that will not execute anything just the form. I am having a little trouble with the setup of the database for the form. I do not actually have a provider (web page provider) yet and i was wondering if this was my problem.

First where should the database be created, before the head or after? Second should it be after the form or before? I can not get it to search the database. For example if you wanted to have a list of movies and the user would then type in the movie name. How can you make the form search the database right from the actual natepad? Or is it impossible.
I am learning java now but until I figure this out I am dead in the water. Any leads would be great. Thanks