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Thread: what os?

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    Sep 2001

    what os?

    hey what os does every one use? and for what reason
    just a general question cause im bored

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    Nov 2001
    Win2k, cause it's what I know. I've been trying to teach myself linux for awhile now though.

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    Oct 2001


    I didnt vote because I am trying to learn the good and bad of:

    Windows 98se
    Mandrake Linux 8.1
    L.O.A.F linux
    BeOS 5.0 personal edition
    Winlinux 2000

    These operating systems are all on my computer and the good and bad ones are at least learning experiences. Mandrake proves to be the most satisfying experience while 98se remains as the one needed the most. Winlinux is pure junk with very little that works right. BeOS is pretty interesting. LOAF is very small and functional. One day I might be able to afford and try mac OS 10.0 and XP. By the way I might seem to be biased towards windows and microsoft in my other posts, but what can you say about someone with three versions of linux on one computer.
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    linux ... no blue screen of death

    Windows does not have enough free memory to run this program.

    I will never intentionally abuse this board. However, when adding AntiPoints please be a man/woman and leave your name so we can discuss why you did so. I shall also leave my name on all points i send. Thankyou.

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    Oct 2001
    Linux preferably...

    But i also use Win XP
    Win 2k
    Win 98
    [and Win NT 4 sometimes]
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    Sep 2001
    I enjoy Linux but Windows is still in me.
    I voted Linux anyway, it is a better OS than Windows in my eyes.

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    Oct 2001
    I use FreeBSD. I used to use Linux and liked it a lot, but then I tried FreeBSD and saw that it can do anyhting Linux can do and a little bit more. Only thing missing from FreeBSD in my opinion is game support, but I keep a Slackware linux box around for playing Quake and UT.

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    Nov 2001
    i use win xp and 2k....i'm learning linux in school right now and it seems alright...who knows i might switch.

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    Nov 2001
    win98se. i've experimented with various linuxes for about 4 years now (rh, debian, caldera, & mini-dists). my complaints at the beginning were difficulty of function, but now i realize it was more my lack of experience on them than the oses fault. definite learning curve!

    or maybe i just like oses ;^D

    still, next box is debian- i think i like that best of all the linuxes, primarily 'cuz of the political stance, yes.... then the capbilities, which are awesome.

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    Jul 2001
    Um, Wish there had been one more category,

    Single OS??? You want me to pick one?

    For my personal use, and for many tasks at work, I use *nix. However, some tasks at work require that I run Windows 2000, i.e. administering active directory.

    I have just downloaded the trial version of VMware workstation though, so I can install win2k on my linux machine, and not have to reboot to switch OS. So, I guess you could say that now, I use linux at work all the time. Well, I will as soon as I convince my boss to let me buy VmWare.

    At home I use linux for everything, except for one game that I am playing. That game is not available for linux, so, I have to run windows.

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