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    im going to scan 3 or 4 pages and put them in a file folder
    that way i can get more into 1 post

    you would't be able to read it if i typed it
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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    hands on

    IMHO, what people need is a handful of wargames. I simply don't see how you can learn without using your knowlege. What's the point knowing how to overflow the vrfy buffer in sendmail if you've never tried it and can't see what really happens. I'd say the best place would be some kind of on-line classes on some irc channel with some hands on work on a wargame. It might sound lame but, as they say, 'united we stand'. BBS are good but most a scared to be flamed by asking for a mentor.
    Secondly, a programming language could come in handy. How many can really say they can create their own apps using c or perl?
    Knowing how to compile isn't good enough.

    Just thought I'd let you know what's on my mind.
    The hacking realm is dying.
    -Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate-

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