I've seen some discussions on the forums about index.dat. Removing it in Win98 isn't difficult (boot to a DOS-prompt), but what about WinXP? The problem is that it can't be deleted because it always is in use by Windows.

Let's say your default username is 'Negative'. Then INDEX.DAT can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\Negative\Cookies

Here's how to delete Index.dat in WinXP:

1. Create another user-account: Start --> ConfigurationScreen --> User Accounts --> Create New Account.
Let's say you create another user named 'Noindex'.

2. Log off, and log on as 'Noindex'.

3. Log off AGAIN.

4. Log ON AGAIN as yourself.

5. Log OFF AGAIN, AND LOG IN AGAIN as 'Noindex'.

6. Logged on as 'Noindex', you can now go to C:\Documents and Settings\Negative\Cookies , and delete Negative's Index.dat.

Don't ask me why you have to log on and off that much: it's the only way it works...

This also should work for WinME.