I am currently doing a report for school about hacking, and i am hoping that many of the people here can help me with a few questions. I am supposed to do an interview, and im hoping that the questions i am going to asking for that, someone else who is an actual hacker can help me out.

1. How is our school protecting itself from hackers?

2. How do hackers get into a system without a username or password?

3. Have hackers ever been a problem for you?

4. Is hacking more of a problem today compared to five years ago? How is it different?

5. I read somewhere some hackers become network administrators, would you ever hire one and do you think that many admins have been hackers?

6. Do you think hackers do anything damaging to a system, and arenít as big of problem makers as people think?

7. Are the majority of hackerís teenagers?

8. Are there any benefits for hacking?

9. Do many hackers use viruses to give themselves a back door into a system? Do many of them work?

10. Is there anything else that may be important I havenít asked you?