Hi! I own a MAXTOR 2.5 GB HD. Sadly, right now, bad sectors make my system hang/freeze. I have re-FDISKed it, and re-FORMATED it. And I have used Scandisk (DOS) to make all the bad or unreliable sector. Then, I tried re-installing WINDOWS 95 OSR2, during the installation somewhere, it freezed again, so I re-formatted my HD and attempt to install win 95 again, same thing happened.

I also, tried re-formating and re-FDISK the drive, same thing still happened, tried running scandisk again and again, maked all the bad sector..... still, same thing happened.

Now, two questions:
1) how the feak in the world can I make my system to stop trying to recover the bad sectors during the formatting process.
2) What should I do to get my system up and running again.