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    Re: Can I have all your Neg. Points

    Originally posted by freeOn
    Ok I would like all of your anti-points, the negative ones. I feel that I have been some what of a grouch, part of it is I just stopped smoking. And if I really pissed anyone off then give me what I dissearve.
    I'll give you an AntiPoint just for spelling deserve wrong.

    Being pretty new here, I haven't noticed your posts to be really offensive or anything. But then again, maybe I just have a higher tolerance for such things.
    Chris Shepherd
    The Nelson-Shepherd cutoff: The point at which you realise someone is an idiot while trying to help them.
    \"Well as far as the spelling, I speak fluently both your native languages. Do you even can try spell mine ?\" -- Failed Insult
    Is your whole family retarded, or did they just catch it from you?

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    Hi mom!
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    Just to tick you off, I'll give you some positive ap's, to counter shch's negatives ones. Hope that'll keep you on edge enough to continue quit smoking... (err... yeah).

    Hey, us people from the middle of no-where should stick together....

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    um, no, I want all my negative points for myself...

    wait a minute, I cant give myself negative points can I???

    you can have them if you want...

    good luck in your quest.


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    Can I have all your Neg. Points

    Ok I would like all of your anti-points, the negative ones. I feel that I have been some what of a grouch, part of it is I just stopped smoking. And if I really pissed anyone off then give me what I dissearve.
    honestly dude, if you can't say what you think what is the point of posting.

    pising people off is part of interacting with other humans, it is going to happen, get over it.

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    Post Re: Can I have all your Neg. Points

    Originally posted by freeOn
    Ok I would like all of your anti-points, the negative ones. I feel that I have been some what of a grouch, part of it is I just stopped smoking. And if I really pissed anyone off then give me what I dissearve.
    What about me? I had over 30 positive points at one time, and had a low 3 days ago of -2. People hate it when I ask networking questions, or when I say how much I like Assembler, or when I say that I like some microsoft products, or they think I post too much. If you have time then please give me a negative antipoint for every one you give freeOn, or anyone else. Im not gonna stop posting. Hell I might try to beat hehbris and seb-g for the low record.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    I really don't care about the whole antipoints issue..
    I mean, its nice when someone gives you pos. points and says thanks for the help... and when they give you negative points, I feel special... I mean, that silly sod just spent however long a period of his life giving me negative points... this period of his life will never be returned, so that say, minute of his life is gone.....

    so to whoever gave me negative points stating a reason "stupid convict scum", I've affected you.. I've cost you a part of your life that you could have spent doing something exciting...

    And besides, when its hehbris giving me the negative points, I don't care.... but it just shows that I'm getting to the fool...
    \"Isn\'t sanity just a one trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick. Rational Thinking.
    But when you\'re good and crazy, hehe, the skies the limit!!\"

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    this would have to be the stupid thread i have ever seen
    to tell u the truth who cares about those ao points only thoses stupi 1337 script kiddes who want respect would care bout them presonaly im happy with none!
    btw never install microsoft visuall c++ for it is crap stick with somthing else

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    Let's step back for a second...better make it two seconds

    Alright folks! We all have a sense of humor in here from what I can tell and for the most part we should all be mature in our temperment towards our peers. Almost everyone I have ever asked for help or advice has been more than willing to offer their services and to give me unrestricted access to pick their brain for it! I don't think that members who are serious about security issues should be complaining about the antipoints recieved. In my school they always preached how to "Play The Game", learn the rules early and then you can play the game better than many middle age adults who never got around to reading the manual. I'd like to consider AO a new chapter in my "How to Play The Game Manual". Everone else should do so as well. We have many very bright and intelligent individuals who are much younger than myself (i'm 21) who act on an adult level equal to mine while others in here make me think I'm talking to my 10 year old brother!!!! The negative anti-points truly should be assigned to people who consistently post false information and refuse to remove the posting, mislead people in AO about information in a malicious manner, post vicous/harassing threads that is intended to start a wild fire... You waste your time and your chance to learn and grow when you post these types of threads, but you waste even more when you reply to them!!! don't read it, let one person respond saying this thread is full of false information and have it reported to JP so that he knows that it should be looked at and let him decide on removing it or not. So can we all just decide that we need to discontinue bitching over negative anti-points and post constructive/thoughtful threads! I will only recieve negative anti-points for this from those of you who missed your nap time and who are upset that they are too old for snack time as well!

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Free0n I have never seen you as grouch, and I think leaving is not the option. Hell hehbris gave me some of the weirdest antipoints ever but Ill live.
    With the good comes the bad, you are far from the latter.

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    In my short tenure here on AO, I have only seen, approx, 2 threads that have gained a lot of attention:

    1)That one guy who was bragging about his web defacements, I think his name sounded like "Glaze" or something. That thread received a lot of "press."

    2)And the AO Antipoint system.

    I do understand that by this exact post I am contributing to the very thing I am about to "rant" on.

    I agree with cheez_cake and Terr and pretty much any of the other well-respected AO'ers on this topic. There are pros and cons to the Antipoints system. That's life. Basically all of these threads have just been an opinion after an opinion and when someone doesn't agree with someone else's opinion, they "debate" or argue about it.

    As much as I like to "debate" over stuff, opinions is not one of them. Some people like Antipoints, and some don't. Can we just agree to disagree? In the end, JP will make the ultimate decision. Let's just leave that to him and take our 2 cents and save it for an important thread, one that will produce lasting results, instead of Antipoints.

    "Of course, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong."
    -Dennis Miller
    ...the scent of your hair as you twirl in your fingers, and the time on the clock, when we realized that it\'s so late, and this walk that we shared....together!

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