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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    1)That one guy who was bragging about his web defacements, I think his name sounded like "Glaze" or something. That thread received a lot of "press
    He was called VaZe from my recollection and it was a pretty debated topic too.

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    Thank you for the correction Ennis.

    It was very debated. I must admit, I found the array of posts to be very humorous. Strike me down if you must, but humor ran rampent through that thread. (sorry for the alliteration)
    ...the scent of your hair as you twirl in your fingers, and the time on the clock, when we realized that it\'s so late, and this walk that we shared....together!

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    Token drunken Irish guy
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    Sep 2001
    Well lets just say it was like he had set himself up, he was the antithesis of a good cracker blatently spouting off about his escapades, not only that but on a security related board.

    Here is the thread you all your viewing pleasure.



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    Originally posted by stflook
    For all we know, Terr may be the biggest abuser, with 20 different accounts set up specifically for spewing out negative AntiPoints
    Hehe. Do I look like the kind of person with the attention span necessary for that? It's sort of like being accused of cheating in CounterStrike (a game, a Half-Life mod)... Except in CS it's something of a small compliment, that you do well enough to warrant suspicion. I won't lie, I like my little antipoint hoard, and I don't know how it all managed to dribble in, and if all antipoints were abolished, I wouldn't lose much sleep. It's funny to get negative APs with comments like "Hah, eroding Terr's Antipoints!" :P (If whoever posted that is reading this, congrats, you made an impression.

    But yeah, FreeOn, did you have to start this thread? Let the AP debate DIE! DIE DIE DIE, it's gone on for so long and so loud... er, wait. Sorry, I was thinking about CNN's grandiose 'War on Terrorism' articles. Oops.
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