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Thread: Is Lindows an option??

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    Lindows looks pretty kool to me... But another option is just to have a dual-boot system like me. I got Red Hat 7.2 on one hard drive, and Windows 98 SE on another.

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    Exclamation dual / tripple boot.

    I got a tripple boot sys.. Linux (SuSe 7.*) , Windows ME and XP..
    I use the XP for common stuff like office (althoug I got Staroffice 6). The ME is for compattibilty with games. And for use with wine.

    In wine (the latest 5 updates or so) it is completely possible to use DirectX and stuff. You just install the game (or whatever) uder linux running Wine, and also install directX under wine..
    Wine makes a fake reg with the correct directx version...

    I tested it with a 3dfx voodoo3 3000.. And all worked well. (including half-life)

    But realy why play half-life using wine (i just use it for inetexplorer LOL)

    There are numberless linux versions of HL/CS
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