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    Micael, i hope you don't mind if i probe further into your home setup - Why do you have a dmz in your suse box, which you use for web and mail services, when you have a freebsd box as a firewall/router? Also, why use netware as a file server, i thought netware only really came into its own when you had a larger client base? Surely it complicates things unnecessarily to throw another protocol (ipx) into the mix?
    Just curious :-)

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    Originally posted by petemcevoy
    Micael, i hope you don't mind if i probe further into your home setup - Why do you have..
    I don't mind at all, your question seems fare to me.

    I have the mixed network just for the good sake of learning to mix several platforms and network OS's. It's a good practise since almost no network with lots of different clients and servers have an easy setup and it's easier (atleast take less time) to replicate problems and solve them in a smaller network.

    I can add just for the sake that I use only IP not IPX on my Netware server and I do also use it as a router between an Ethernet segment and a TokenRing segment.

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