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    If you have a decent connection i would reccomend that you set up your own server, its by far the best free solution, you get all the script support you need and as much space and freedom as you want, if you are running linux go with apache, and if you use windows i would reccomend apache or samba, If you need help setting it up check out the links below, otherwise post something here, im sure people would be glad to help.

    Apache ==>

    Samba ==>

    Start your own server tutorial

    Webmonkey Apache Tutorial
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    Post Omni

    Yeah, setting up your own server is pretty good. I use OmniHTTPd because I'm using Windows2000Pro. But overall it's pretty good. Only thing is you gotta stay online forever. But thats ok if you have Cable, DSL, or T1. So it's all good. Try searching for OmniHTTPd at Google, thats where I found it at least.
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