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Thread: Top 10 Target Ports

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    Top 10 Target Ports

    Service Name Port Number Explanation
    www 80 HTTP Web server
    ??? 6347 N/A
    printer 515 lpdng exploits in RedHat 7.0
    domain 53 DNS. Attack against old ver. of BIND
    sunrpc 111 RPC vulnurable on Linux sys's Can get root
    ??? 6346 Gnutella; a p2p file sharing tool
    asp 27374 Scan for Windows Sub7 Trojan
    ftp 21 FTP server port
    ssh 22 Secure Shell, old versions are vulnerable
    ??? 1214 N/A

    a more detailed diagram on the to[ 10 targeted ports can be viewed here:


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    I figured I would add onto a couple blanks on your list.

    Port 6347 is also a Gnutella port, as is 6348. Port 1214 is used by Morpheus.

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