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    Larry Elisson has allways had a big mouth (like Steve Jobs)and somehow he has proven himself many times.

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    The problem is, now that he has claimed that, hackers are gonna be trying to break in all the time, and sooner or later, a weakness is going to be found.

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    Lightbulb oracle don't mek me laugh

    it is a unwritten rule that there are ALWAYS holes in any kind of security...
    If not it will be useless software... since it won't do what it is supposed to...

    ^-- Sorry can't make it clearer...

    But I think the real ponit is.. CEO's claim **** like that all the time..

    Remember Bill gates claiming an increase in speed....
    Less reboots per hour and stuff like that....

    I crash XP on a daily bases.... And it's not even my fault...
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    hehehe telling the public "we are invincible or unbreakabe and asking hackers to try to hack them" is like saying " hey every one, i have a g-string, **** me up my arse if u can!"


    stupid fool...

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    I think since then, his systems have been hacked thousands of times. He probably just paid them off to keep their mouths shut. It's really not wise to claim the impossible...

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    i agree. you can't promise customers (or at least, shouldn't) something that your company can't offer. There's not a computer that is 100% "unhackable" and claiming that a particular piece of software actualy is just encourages people to do so.


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