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Thread: Hacking Linux Exposed

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    Post Hacking Linux Exposed

    Hacking Linux Exposed: Osbore Publshing (http://www.osborne.com)
    Written By: Brian Hatch
    James Lee
    George Kurtz
    Price: 39.99 USD
    ISBN: 0-07-212773-2

    I got this book a while back but I only finished reading it about a week ago, this really isnt the kind of book you read... But the kind of book you refer to in case you have a problem. The book lists different types of access to computers (physical, remote, social engenering) and how a hacker could exploit that way of access against your computer. The book also comes with examples of hacks and code to help you stop that hack from being used against your system.... I would reccomend this book to any *nix administrator

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    I love hacking exposed third edition, I'm sure Hacking Linux Exposed is just as good, the same volume.
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    Yeah I like all of the Exposed books, really informative. . .Sams Maximum Security is one a friend lent to me (whoops never did give that back), that's pretty good too. Like you said though, not the greatest read, but good to have around as a reference. Off the topic, but comp. related, a M$ book called Code is really good if you wanna learn about electronics parts and how things are wired to produce switches and gates, starts out real light, w/ the telegraph, I think, and works it's way up to processors

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