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    ermm no.. i dunno what happened next..
    what happened next??

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    Nice sig. s0nic... Linkin Park - Points Of Authority, if i recall correctly?
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    Originally posted by s0nIc
    ermm no.. i dunno what happened next..
    what happened next??
    I start exploring not computer systems but the INTERNET

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    my funniest computer mess up, when i first got a computer, a while ago now, i somehow managed to set the interrupts for my mouse and modem to the same one.... took me like 3 months to figure out why i had to move the mouse in order for my modem to work...

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    i was tired the other day ..

    and went to dos and formated a floppy...

    but then..

    i realised i formated C

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    hmm lets see......
    i've had access to computer for about 10 years now(and i'm only 17), so as you can imagine i've had a few screw ups in my time...

    maybe the stupidest thing i ever did was to try and install redhat 4 on my old p-166 without even knowing how to run (DOS's) fdisk.

    then there was the time i ran RECOVER on my old 486-sl. ahhh those were the good old days! (anyone remember RECOVER and STTY?)

    i fried a keyboard a couple of days back by opening it when the windows key wasn't working(i had to create an ascii reference chart and use it coz practically the only keys that worked were the numpad and alt).

    and how about this one for a gem,
    i had taken my hdd to my cousin's place to get some data copied(he has a cd-rw drive). we tried and tried to get the hdd running and finally gave up. then we tried reconnecting his hdd, and that didn't work either. it turned out that my cousin had an old ide cable that didn't have the notch to indicate which side is up! we were putting the cable on backwards all the time.

    hope u enjoyed it,

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    I see. Everyone have made at least one mistake.

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    My biggest mistake was buying a computer with WinME pre-installed.

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    I couldn't agree more, we all make mistakes we wish we could call back. I wasted an afternoon making and swapping IDE cables, thinking they were bad, until I realized I had'em backwards.

    Well, as long as we learn from our mistakes........
    Better living thru science.

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    I take everything apart. I've taken all my computers apart. I have disected Windows
    so often I was formatting my hard drive more than I was checking my email.
    And because of that I learned how to fix it.

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