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    one more screw up. I was adding a cd RW to my Computer well as you all know there is a patch cable in the back well first off I didnt get one with the rw so I ran to compusa to get one for it and when I got home I realise there is an adapter on the original one DUUUUUh. then Like all men we dont read instructons so I connect the rw without switching pins from master to secondary. DUUUUUH part 2. Well hope you feel smarter than I now.

    More mistakes to come I just got a Server with Skuzzy Drives (god help me ) that brings me to this does anyone have knowledge of a NetFrame Server and a good Idea on how much it costs?

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    poor little bear

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    Thanks but no thanks sebastos12, it only proves that I was stupid to think that I could **** around with the registry without reading up sufficiently on the matter. Ok misstakes are made, but totaly screwing up my puter like I did is beyond that. Do I have to say that I wonīt do something like that again..
    Itīs education.
    And education is the key to power
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    Your are philosopher Pooh-Bear.

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    I wish I could skip VB, but school thinks you can teach java after a semester of cobol / VB. Stupid.

    This may seem lame, but I would play with the boot up and log out screens in Win95, and it worked fine, but when I got 98 it wouldn't cooperate. How come
    Micro$oft doesn't want you to change the logo?

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    Originally posted by Rewandythal
    Jesus... much as it annoys me when my computers **** up, i enjoy the process of workin out why and repairing them because its the learning process... I live for knowledge.

    [Some people say knowledge is power... if that were true i'd be in search of a nuclear generator!!!]
    heh join the club

    i have does this on more than 1 situation.

    1. Just because i wanted to see what happened (had backup image of disk sort of 10 minutes reinstall after reboot via floppy)

    2. By various commands.
    a) scripts using the .. in directories and finding ../../../../ and finding (/)
    b) typing things like "rm -rf /tmp/ ." instead of rm -rf /tmp/.

    but i think the best is is using a symlink to / and rm -rfv symlink/.
    on a term without colour and not knowing it was a symlink.

    just a few there are many more :/

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    Oh gosh here we go again...

    I fried a monitor, formatted my term papers... the normal stupid mistakes.

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    Yes yEs yeS

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    If confusious was alive today, he would say...
    Even Bill Gates forgets things and screws up stuff.

    Now watch him strike me dead and destroy my computers from his office.
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    Here is a good one that just happened today.
    I have a 300 Amd that i just upgraded to a 500. I have it dual booting with nt4 and 2000 prof. with an extra 20GB of space. Over all i have 6 GB used of files. I wanted to change the partitions so i could have triple boot with NT4, 2000 Prof, and 2000 Server. I first ghosted my hard drive to a spare 30GB and then disconnected it and set it off to the side, for a backup incase anything went wrong. I started on my origional, i used partition magic and changed it to how i wanted it. I saved the config and restarted. The computer came up and the config didn't work my partitions were still the same. So i tried again. Same thing. So I thought i would just use fdisk and create the partitions. I created them and shut down the computer. I hooked back up the spare drive and went to ghost each partition to the origional harddrive.

    To my suprise there is not a single damn file on the spare backup harddrive. My original hard drive had already been repartitioned. I lost everything. Now i am reinstalling them all. Except that i have 98SE instead of NT4.
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