How to look at someones desktop in XP

This tut is written by SilverCrow 16:57 22 november.

First you have to go to
then type mstcs. (SHOULD be mstsc and no period)

You will see a screen, you can enter a windows XP computer here, you will be
able to run files, and look at the victims desktop when you connect to a pc,
and alot more, just check it out.
1. click on options
2. here you can enter a username and password, there is a way to get arround
this: go to msdos and ping flood the target, untill he gets the blue screen
of death, now enter the pc without a username and password, now that your in
you have to quickly download his password file to ur pc and rip it for the
next time you want to enter, note: you have to be fast when you want to
download the pwl file, or he'll reboot his comp. I heard there is a way to
set up a telnet server with username and password with this trick... Don't
ask me, i don't know how :*(***** oyeah, you could also telnet to him on
some port when your connected, just scan him for the open port (above 555)
and when you are connected through telnet, you will end up in a mshearts
game with him, cool huh!?



hey I got to give the credit to the Astalavista people for this one. I tried it on my grandparents machine and it didn't work but may you might be affected with this. Seems a pretty simple way to get into a computer.