Story Time:

A guy finds an old computer in his garage and sets it up in his bedroom. He discovers that it is running DOS 5.0 and decides to download and play some old games on it. After an hour or so he tires of this and begins to browse the directory. He stumbles on the Windows files and decides that since it isn't running Windows then, well, he might as well delete them. So he does this, and nothing negative happens.

The next day he is getting bored and happens to stumble on a DOS disk that says it contains the operating system. So he figures that he'll install it, but first he decides to clean up by typing in "format c:"

He reboots the computer and to his dismay, the message on the screen reads: Non system disk or disk error. Replace and press any key when ready. The guy frowns because no disk is located in the drive. So he pops in his DOS 5.0 diskette and the following message pops up: Disk does not contain any operating system. Replace and press any key when ready.

Not to be deterred, he checks through his disks and inserts any with the words system files on the label. But he gets the first message each time.

Next he returns to his Win98 computer and puts all the DOS files he can find on a floppy and tries this. Same message.

He tries numerous searches in Google but can't find the files or the answer to the question.

He curses and visits AntiOnline to post a message.

So here I am. What do I do?