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Thread: A new view on the script kiddie issue.

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    Depends where and what you ask.
    The hack hotmail questions have been asked on a daily basis.
    That's not the way to learn how to hack.
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    hehe, well the hotmail hack question is asking for it, I was more thinking in the line of asking what HTTP_Formmail is and how it can be exploited. For the newbie (me that is) itīs a valid question to ask on a security board. And at some boards you get yer nads burned off for asking it
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    there r 2 ways of becomming a hacker...

    u can start as a "neophyte" or a "script kiddie".... the latter is the one we all hate (and the SKs often turn into crackers instead of hackers! DOH!)
    it's that simple.... the script kiddie breaks the law and the neophyte learns everything the legal way.....
    it all sounds pretty simple to me..... neophytes uses a lot of other ppl's progs too, but they don't abuse 'em....
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    Thumbs up

    Damn right. Script kiddies are not a part of learning process, but more of a blight on the hacker world, at least imho.
    - Jimmy Mac

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    The real issue behind skript kiddies is Cracking and Illegal activities. If these users didnt go around doing denial of service attacks on people and trying to get us to download stupid trojans, we would probably not have a problem with them. They could use their little programs if they liked, but they should leave the rest of us alone. We dont want to deal with their crap.
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    99.99% of all Skript kiddies don't use skripts to learn anything, they thrive on destruction and most of the time they never even go near any source of real learning. They have no intention of using other peoples code to learn from it most of the time, in fact, the majority of skript kiddies use windows programs created in VB and they never have access to the source code, making it extremely difficult to learn anything from it, except how to push some buttons and feel powerful. These people need some sort of discouragement, and the people who create these programs need to stop putting them all over the web, or at least dont compile it. If you make a VB program that does something you already know how to do, thats fine; and if you want to share it with the world, great, but don't compile it for all to just grab and start using it, share knowledge, not power.
    Keeping this in mind, it's absolutely natural to use other people's code when you're just starting out. In fact, I'd recommend it. Use it. Understand it. Learn from it. Improve it. I think it's merely in a step in a long walk toward a distant goal.
    It is not natural, these people should be learning from text files, books and tutorials, not by getting programs to do it for them? How does that help them learn. I stress the fact that most of the time they don't have the source code!!!
    Where is the logic in defending them? People who deal drugs and do drugs try to justify it with meaningless anti-logic (no pun intended www.antionline.com) they say it doesn't really affect their brains, they could quit any time, bla, bla, bla.
    Im done now.
    Make these people go away.
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    Lightbulb Knoledge IS Power...

    I think differently autumn...
    Origionally posted by Autumn Regret
    I believe there is confusion as to what the term script kiddie means and implies. The description I noted was very generalized. My contention is that the learning process generally goes from:

    (1) newbie --> (2) script kiddie --> (3) hacker
    I think it usually goes like this with scripties:

    (1) introduced to hacking --> (2) script kiddie --> (3) computer literate

    ...and thats about how far they get. I don't think they will become anything greater then just being more computer literate then the usual crowd. And I disagree with the common fact that they become 'crackers'. For I would consider myself to be a hacker (not in any way bragging to you neophytes out there ), yet in the past I have cracked programs, gotten root, screwed some people over...numerous things that would also make me a 'cracker'. Yet I do not consider myself to be malacious, or evil. I did that (refering to website defacment of mine a while back) only because their ethics and morals were way out of line. When I defaced the website, unlike other defacements, I didn't just put:

    Hahaha, 1'm ub3r-1337 4nd 1 d3f4c3d y0u2 w3bs173.

    With my HTML knowledge I created a whole new site giving them 'tips' you could say to 'hint' them to the right direction from staying scripty. (For the website was run by a few sadly). So it seems to me that the term 'cracker' has nothing to do with scripties. Scipt kiddies will stay were they are UNLESS they get kicked in the head a few times and start learning, and reading. For I must agree that script kiddes have an aversion for reading. And nowhere does 'script-kiddie' come in, in the process for becoming 'elite'. For in the past i've used other peoples programs for doing malacious things, only learning from them.
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    The thing is that u can't give a definition for something too abstract as a "script kiddie" ..it could be a begining and it could be a way of doing things...
    though script kiddies are most of the time mean intended

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    Autumn I find you have some thought provoking views and you seem like an interesting guy...however one thing;

    Script kiddies will always be known as lazy and destructive, there is no way you can change the stigma attached to the name.

    Example hacker to you or I is an intelligent, creative, hard working person. To the mass public it is a dirty word they wouldnt dare associate with.
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    hahahah luser!

    I didn't ask for your sympathy, I merely hoped to start a discussion and possibly offer a different perspective on a tired out issue
    Well you know that's what I was doing starting a discussion about your views of what a skript Kiddie is. You want to take it personal ok by me. First of all you should never assume what your posting especially when youre creating a thread about different views. Of course be specific.

    You are once again misinterpretating what I said.

    You might tend to be misleading and not get your true view off. You may also see a personal attack from a post, but this is not that. YOu would know if I was trying to hurt your feelings.

    If the exchange of knowledge and ideas is supposively what this culture cherishes the very most, then I would think you would be thanking me for starting this thread and not questioning the relevance of its very existence.
    I would hope to agree but with this is one problem. Questioning the relevance of your thread topic only would come about with creating such a boring topic that has been worn out. When you pick a topic and expect to exchange knowledge and create new ideas it's good to pick on that might stir up controversy not one that has been discussed from the begining of time.

    I believe there is confusion as to what the term script kiddie means and implies. The description I noted was very generalized. My contention is that the learning process generally goes from
    (1) newbie --> (2) script kiddie --> (3) hacker
    Your description is not very logical but very hypothical. I would have to disagree with your plain insight. You seem to be one of those people who look for some type of security, or shall I say wall flower. I'm your worst nightmare. newbie to skript kiddie seems like the path you took. Trying to find some justification in actions that you took onto becoming a hacker. It's ok people make mistakes, just because you didn't make the right decisions or learning steps should mean that your a uneducated hacker. There are more ways then 1 on to becoming a hacker. You can not tell everyone which way is more popular and which is the way that is not popular. Since every individual is different.

    This is not a flame!
    Just ripping a few stems.
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