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Thread: (yourhostnamehere).ldb

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    Question (yourhostnamehere).ldb

    There's a file in Internet logs that's untouchable (system won't let go) called [yourhostname].ldb. Reminds me of index.dat and all those goodies...what is it, and how do I destroy, if necessary.

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    can't find it...

    I can't seem to locate any files with that extension! Are you sure that is the proper extension?

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    Do you now, or have you ever on that machine used Zone Alarm?? Because this file is part of that...

    this is from one of their tech support pages...

    a link to the zone alarm tech support page is at the bottom.

    1. What do I need to know before uninstalling or upgrading ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm Pro?
    To upgrade ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm Pro, it is not necessary to uninstall your current version of ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm Pro.

    - Step 1. The most important step in uninstalling or upgrading is to make sure that ZoneAlarm and its underlying TrueVector service are not running. If TrueVector is left running, certain files may not be removed or replaced. Note that shutting down ZoneAlarm from the system tray icon only shuts down the user interface.

    To unload the TrueVector Service, go to the Configure panel and uncheck the box labeled: "Load ZoneAlarm at Windows startup" or "Load ZoneAlarm Pro at startup." If this box is grayed out, open the Internet Logs directory (in 95/98/ME this will be "c:\windows\internet logs", in NT and 2000 it will be c:\winnt\internet logs), where you will find a file called "iamdb.rdb" and a file named after your computer with the ".ldb" extension. Delete both of these files.

    If you are unable to delete these files, you'll need to boot


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    Preciate it, IchNisan. I get a little uppity when I find files I can't play with.

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