Hi all,

I have quite a few questions within this post,hope someone can help me.

I just download activestates perl for windows as I was told that I needed this to run the "Whisker" CGI scanner. I had been using the Stealth 2.0 but found it too slow and it gave back to many error finds.

My problem is that I dont know anything about perl ,although Idownloaded it i cant figure it out to well. Can someone tell me how to set up the interface (if theres one?) and also how to get perl to find my whisker program?.When I type in "perl Whisker.pl" it dont recgonise the cmd where do I down load the Whisker program too? is it in the perl folders or one of the directories of windows?.

I am a newbie and am just trying to learn a few different programs..also what programs do I need to down load from the Repository.

My main problem is that I cant run the whisker scanner...when I click on the Whisker icon the Dos comes up and disappears really quickly.

please help if you can (in laymans terms)

Thanks for reading me