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Thread: What's the best firewall?

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    http://www.digital.com Altavista Firewall 97
    http://www.baynetworks.com BaySecure Firewall-1
    http://www.cisco.com Centri Firewall
    http://www.compaq.com Compaq ProSignia 200 Firewall Server
    http://www.cyberguard.com Cyberguard Firewall
    http://www.digitivity.com Digitivity CAGE
    http://www.elronsoftware.com Elron Firewall
    http://www.ibm.com eNetwork Firewall
    http://www.checkpoint.com Firewall-1
    http://www.tis.com Gauntlet Internet Firewall
    http://www.gta.com GFX Internet Firewall System
    http://www.gnatbox.com GNAT Box Firewall
    http://www.ntguard.com Guardian 3.0 Firewall for NT v3.0
    http://www.tlogic.com nterceptor Firewall Appliance
    http://www.microsoft.com Microsoft Proxy Server v2.0
    http://www.netscreen.com Netscreen-10, Netscreen-100
    http://www.norman.com Norman Firewall
    http://www.timestep.com Permit/Gate Firewall
    http://www.cisco.com PIX Firewall
    http://www.axent.com Raptor Firewall
    http://www.securecomputing.com Secure Computing Firewall for NT 3.0.1
    http://www.ascend.com SecureConnect
    http://www.milkyway.com SecurIT Firewall
    http://www.abirnet.com SessionWall-3
    http://www.sun.com Sun Screen EFS 2.0
    http://www.watchguard.com WatchGuard Security System

    The regulars:
    www.neoworx.com -my personal choice.

    Do what you will but remember choose the one that suits you not the most popular firewall.
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    Thanks Ennis for the good links!

    More links to Firewall's and related sites.

    Drawbridge (freebsd firewall).
    Falcon Firewall (open firewall project).
    WebTrends (firewall reporting solutions).
    Freedom (personal firewall)
    eSafe (personal firewall).
    T REX (unix/linux firewall).
    Securepoint (My first choice, dedicated machine).
    SmoothWall (My second choice, dedicated machine).
    Nexus (linux firewall).
    GShield (iptables firewall).
    The FireWall ToolKit (build your own firewall).
    FREESCO (single floppy disk router).
    FloppyFW (single floppy disk firewall).
    Firestarter (firewall tool for Linux).

    Do what you will but remember choose the one that suits you not the most popular firewall.
    Listen to this and try many firewall solutions until you'll find the perfect match for your needs. Remember, it's also good to have security in several layers. For example a dedicated firewall/router + IDS + Personal firewalls on the clients.. And remeber to read the logs !
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