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Thread: What's the best firewall?

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    Why only use one firewall. I currently use ZA and Black Ice and have found that they run well together.
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    Or get Smoothwall, a small Linux firewall distro that works on old boxes and is easy to configure.
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    Zone Alarm and BlackICE are what i use....
    i like blackice especially because i can get the 'intruders' ip quickly and it also tells you exactly what the 'intruder' was attempting to do to you as well as the severity of the attack...
    Another nice feature is that it keeps track of all the info that it has gathered on the 'intruder'

    speaking of which, i am beginning to see a pattern...and the same people coming back several times...not sure what i should do about that...

    (as for zone alarm, when i type in my own ip address, it keeps telling me that i'm in the middle of Lake Ontario........lol)

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    Originally posted by Focmaester
    Or get Smoothwall, a small Linux firewall distro that works on old boxes and is easy to configure.
    Smoothwall is a nice firewall and it's loaded with features not seen in many personal firewalls.
    It can be found at www.smoothwall.org.

    SmoothWall being an automated and remotely managed hardware firewall allows our users (globally in fourteen supported languages) to create themselves a physical hardware firewall that is fast to install and fast to get to grips with. It has proved very popular in arenas from the home worker environment with the need to have secure internet connectivity and peace of mind - all the way up to commercial companies requiring a firewall with intrusion detection and support for Demilitarised Zones (DMZs).
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    power switch, maybe?
    \"The more you ignore me... the closer i get!\"
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    I recommend Zone alarm pro or zone alarm.
    if (u have bucks )
    zone alarm pro;
    zone alarm;
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    Agreed with Psionic, if you have a box ready to do that job, install in under FreeBSD and configure packet filtering.

    1) you will learn how TCP/IP and Firewalls works.

    2) you will be secure.

    3) your girlfriend will be soooo in love you're running FreeBSD

    4) you have a 100% chance to win the next lottery.

    A+ hantiz.
    Linoux c\'est de la bombe bébé !
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    No one here seems to use Sygate products like sygate personal firewall?

    It's free for personal use and passes the grc site with glance.


    I use Zone Alarm on most of my windowz machines except on those that had troubles to get started when ZA was installed, there I use Sygate and it works fine.

    If someone has really bad news about sygate progs (vulnerabilities) always welcome offcourse.
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    Some info on Zone Alarm before you just rush out and download it! I know a lot of people here use ZoneAlarm but please take into consideration it too has its flaws.

    By creating amemory-resident Mutex,Zonealarm and Zonealarm Pro can be stopped from loading. Uninstalling\reinstalling ZoneAlarm even in a different path has zero effect what so ever.
    What this means is that a trojan can stop ZAP from loading which means Joe script kiddie and his buddies can have a free for all,cause your firewall isnt there,leaving your computor completely vulnerable.
    But this new worm ("Goner") actually deletes the firewall.
    Its writers are now caught btw as Im sure you all know.

    Goner is a script kiddie-inspired worm that disables firewalls, antivirus
    By Robert Vamosi
    December 4, 2001
    A fast-spreading worm that looks like a malicious user Web-site defacement could also disable your antivirus and firewall protection.
    Let there be no doubt that script kiddies--inexperienced malicious programmers--have taken up the once lowly skill of virus writing. Goner's (w32.Goner.A@mm) pop-up displays look like a typical script kiddie Web-site defacement, complete with the typical script kiddie "greetz." Besides spreading rapidly by e-mail, and therefore posing a threat to e-mail servers, Goner spreads via ICQ and also shuts down antivirus and firewall protection, leaving your Windows computer vulnerable to other attacks. Because it deletes files, Goner ranks a 7 on the ZDNet Virus Meter.

    How it works
    Goner arrives by ICQ or e-mail bearing a subject line of "Hi" with the body text of "How are you ? When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!" The attached file is gone.scr.

    The payload of Goner is written in Visual Basic 6, packed with a UPX file compressor, and is 39KB in size. If executed, the worm makes copies of itself in the Windows System directory under the name gone.scr. It also adds itself to the Registry so that it executes each time the computer reboots.

    Goner uses the Outbook Address Book to find addresses to send e-mail copies of itself. If ICQ, a favorite program of script kiddies, is also present on the infected computer, Goner will attempt to spread copies of itself through that service as well.

    Besides displaying a message taking credit for the worm--"Pentagone coded by: suid tested by: ThE_SkuLL and Isatanl"--and a traditional script kiddie greetz--"greetings to TraceWar, k9unit, stef16, ^Reno. Greetings also to nonick2 out there where ever you are." This worm also displays a fake error message.

    Goner disables antivirus and firewall protection by attempting to delete the following files:

    If Goner can't delete the files immediately, it will create a WININIT.INI file to delete the files upon reboot.


    Most of the antivirus software companies have updated their signature files to include this worm. For more information on removing this Goner from your system, see Central Command, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec, and Trend Micro.
    Some small things to note about ZoneAlarm

    1) It's a resource hog (no other commercial software firewall consumes the amount of resources that ZoneAlarm does).

    2) It has a long history of trojans and viruses being able to disable it.

    Just some arguments, no need to defend Zone Alarm now, Im just making it an even argument that's all.
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    Zone Alarm would be a great firewall to start out with. I have been using it for sometime and I found very esay to configure.
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