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Thread: My phreak box

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    Even better you could put a variable resister to connect the lines. Hehe, anyways sound like a decent idea though phreaking is next to impossible unless you can find some cherry lookin older phones. Nowadays there is as much social engineering that goes into pheaking as there is electrical with the way operators can monitor the lines.
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    Most modern line bridges outside houses make phreaking a hundred ties easier. They have phone jacks right inside them, and it's up to the house owner to put a lock on the box. So rather than a beige box, only a phone and phone line is needed to patch into a line at someone's house. Also, speaking of shoddy security on outside lines, Cable internet is becoming more and more popular, and I noticed that when a few of my friends got it and then my mother got it, the installation process is horribly exposed on the outside of the house. A coax cable runs right up the side of the house, exposing at least 6 feet to splice into or whatever, mind you coax is very easiy to splice, although not very easy to splice well without cutting the line first.
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