As I wake up this morning I find I have 12 messages from two coworkers, all subjected as hi, and containing an attachment. Then 12 more messages from my mail server telling me it quarantined an attachment. So I think, 'these coworkers get their mail from the same server and it seems to block the virus, how could they have gotten it?' Lousy users are getting mail from outside e-mail addresses, and are probably going to need me to fix their computers when I arrive at work today.

I guess that's not a big deal, until I removed one of the attachments from quarantine so I could download it to my computer and the real-time scan picks up the virus immediately. Which means these two people must have turned off the virus scanning on their workstations (since they have the same software and it is updated at the same interval).

Now I've always been an advocate of letting people have control over their machines and allowing them to use the internet how they please, but this level of irresponsibility is really starting to change my opinion.

Anyone out there have any insight for me, which is less of a nuisance, fixing the mistakes of users with too much access or dealing with a hundred people complaining they can't sign on to icq?