I have two questions for experienced network administrators and people who install networks etc... I'm trying to put together a working home network (which I've more or less succeeded in doing) but now I want to know how it works... in detail.

To this end:

[1] Can anyone recommend any books on TCP/IP??


[2] If 2 computers have 100MB/S net cards, and one has a 10MB/S net card, if they are connected to one single hub, will the whole network be limited to 10MB/S or will only the data going down that one cable be 10MB/S and everywhere else 100MB/S (i.e. 100->100 will work @ 100 but 100->10 only at 10, or will the whole thing have to operate at 10MB/S)

The 100MB/S net cards are capable of 10MB/S operation since they do that when connected with crossover cable to the 10MB/S card!