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Thread: Emulators Rule!

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    Yeh emulators are good. A hell of a lot of emulators exist for linux, depending on the console you wish to emulate, try a google search for them, or the web sites that host game roms usually have emulator links and some of those will have linux versions!
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    Hell Yea!! I love my Atari and NES emulators. Who here remembers Exicte Bike or Zaxon.

    I also love to play with my Atari ST computer emulator. Reminds me of my first computer.

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    Thumbs up Good Rom Sites

    Need a good rom site?


    also, try

    for good abandon ware

    if you need a good Warez site (yeah i know this is a SECURITY site, and PIRATING is "bad", so bite me )

    check out


    as far as I'm concerned, if its good, i'll buy it, but i need to try it out first!

    later all

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    Thumbs up emulators

    Yep, love emulators...the only one i use is NESticle, though...can't get away from the originals(if they had an emulator for Intellivision, I'd be playing those instead...damn I'm old!)
    Just finished Mike Tyson's Punch Out!...love that game

    Anyways, go to ww2.vimm.net for an excellent collection of ROMs, etc.
    Hmmm...I still have that cart lying around here somewhere

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    mmmmmmmmmmm.. emulation... *drools*

    Love the old Zelda games...

    redthefed: Where did you find that Zip?? please share... *looks hopefully @ redthefed*
    I've got a lot of NES roms, but not all of them.. .I want them all... *oozes with greed*

    And now a present for Zelda Fans... A Zelda Song..
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    Talking emulators!!!

    Im fairly new to using emulators but so far i have a gameboy emulator. A C64 emulator, A SNES emulator and many more!!! I have found www.romalliance.com a good place for roms and emulators!!

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