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    And yeah, People fear what they don't understand.
    It's the same stuff with metal music.
    Most people think that just because you wear a black shirt and have long hair your some kind of devil or something.
    That's all bullshit...
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    I've said it once and I'll say it again...Knowledge is power, don't abuse it. Hacking should be used for the right reasons.
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    I agree with this guy

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    i agree that the media does have a big influence on what people think of us hackers but it is also are job to teach the media and the public for what we really are so they wont think of use as some cyber terrorists. but i have to hand it to some tv shows like frontline that did a wonderful report on hackers and gave both sides of the story.

    i've tried and educate our school more about hacking and weaknesses in our system ever since so many kids started to explore our network by writting articles in our school newspaper and helping the school admin, we just have try and get the word out to as many people as we can.

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    i agree that knowledge is power and should be used responsibly. the biggest problem we as hackers/security professionals have is the misunderstanding of our abilities and power... but most of all a misunderstanding of our intent... people need to realize that not all hackers intend to be evil.

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    the media r putting us to blame= because they think we are the only ones out there who have the skills to do it.they r partially right because the script kiddies r taking other peoples material.
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    truth vs. misinformation

    My programming teacher in high school (who probably couldn't even spell the name "C++") warned our class that any "hackers" caught changing the wallpaper, editing the marquee screensaver, or participating in any such "hacker activity" would be kicked out of the class. This was after they installed Fortress, intended to subvert the classes dreadful actions (which we promptly disabled in minutes). I wondered to myself if this teacher even had any clue as to the potential danger of *real* crackers. Then I wondered how someone who thought changing wallpaper was hacking, was put in charge of the network. I guess it just comes down to the fact that, as hard as it is to believe, a great number of the people put in charge of various networks, really don't know jack about security. I also think recently, more and more people are coming to see that true hackers are on their side. The more we help others, the better image we will create.
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    look teacher! i changed my wall paper and screen saver! im l33t!!! hahahah.. quick call the FBI!! lmao...

    uuhh.. ignorance...

    u get kicked out for changing the wall paper or the screen saver.. how dumb can dat be...

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    knowledge is a very powerful object. it can be used to save lives and it can be used to take them away. it creates the skyscrapers that we see and also creates the dynamite and the placement to tear them down. by knowing more about computers than others, "hackers" need to carry on a responsibility to preserve the net for future users and maybe allow for more ppl to learn more about security.
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