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    psi0nic, that was a sh*tload of numbers! Poor soul just got swamped with RFC's, hehe...

    RFCs, being Request For Comment (I think), are the standards for just about everything that is computerized (networking, protocols, email, you name it) and if you know the RFC then any product/program that abides by that RFC, you know what you can do w/o regard to who made it. This is one reason why MS is such a pile of sh*t. Bastards won't even tell what the "unused" field for kerberos is being used for, as they have a "use" for it.
    That's probably changed since it's been a while, however I have no respect for a company that tries to alter the RFC to their bidding. *****ers...

    OReilly is one of the best places (as stated previously) to find books on just about everything. I personally recommend you buy the latest copy of "Unix in a nutshell" and "Linux in a nutshell". The UIAN book is one that every unix admin worth his/her shell will have. I've had three copies because I run the pages ragged!

    Books, web pages mentioned previously, and for info on linux, go to www.linuxdocs.org for a veritable plethora of knowledge.

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    yeah we flame alot of script kiddies, but we answer lots of questions to. all you have to do is ask the right questions and someone will answer it. but posting stuff like "how-do-i-hack-hotmail" and "look-at-me-i-can-hack" isn't going to impress us... it'll annoy us... that is why we flame. we aren't unjustified.

    but yeah.... ask away and we will help.... the hacking exposed seriously is really good.... other then that... i would read the other stuff and if you need more look up stuff. or if u need specific texts, let me know.... i have a small archive
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