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    Using Blowfish in Linux after you install the Blowfish Encryption Patch

    I just installed the Blowfish patch to my linux box. Now, I am unsure at how to use it.

    Any ideas on where I could see some examples?
    Basically, I am modifying system calls, system calls sys_read, sys_write, and I want to encrypt (via Blowfish) the filename, and the text that is written to the file.

    This is for a school project, any help would be greatly GREATLY appreciated.


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    I have never used Blowfish Encryption on a Linux box, but I have used it on OpenBSD. You may want to start by checking out http://www.openbsd.org and reading up on it.

    Hope you find your answer

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    Here's an idea....

    I think you can specify what encryption technology to use to encrypt your user passwords. Do a search online to find out how to do this and use Blowfish for your user password encryption. Blowfish is a MUCH stronger encryption technology than the standard crypto that Linux uses by default.

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