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Thread: problem compiling c program

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    Yes, it did it automatically when I installed linux. Also, I copied a program from CD, but when I
    tried to run the sucker it didn't work. The green files. What the hell am I doing wrong?

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    i always liked the c++ way of doing things

    #include <iostream.h>

    int main (){
    cout>>"Hello world\n";
    return 0;}

    i haven't tried it in linux so i don't even know if i'm right!

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    Why the hell is this so complicated?

    The question I believe was simple. The answers were many and yet misguiding....
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    In the end

    [color=blue]I try to explain how to do a C program and compiler in Linux step by step, I hope that with this you can compile a program in C.
    1) First use editor to write the program for example pico
    pico hello.c
    2) Write the program:
    main ()
    printf("\nHello world");
    3) Compile the program:
    gcc hello.c -o hello
    4) Execute the program
    This is all the steps you have to do I hope you compile your program by and good luck [color=blue]
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    Check if all ur library files are in your include folder

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