Ok, I'm a fr33kin newb3, but you guys (real h/p's, not the ph0ny lamrz) are really fun so I want to be like you. I promise I will use the 'force' only for good things. I started reading articles and tutorials prolifik-ly about a year ago but theory is much different than practice. I usually read (a lot) before I ask, but I just want to throw this out there...I want to get started in 'doing'...I want to do my first hack and Impress a good friend of mine who has several machines (nix, os2, windowz) networked at home and running ftp from there. What I want to do is 1) get root access to his apache web server and tw33k his page or 2) use my ftp account on his serv-U box to get full access to the network and thus access the web page and tw33k.
All in good educatiuonal fun, guys. No viruses, trojans, loggers or any other crap. He will be informed of any progress, duh, and has actually "challenged" me to try. So, where do I start? Telnet? I have access too bot Unix and Win os's, but very little skilz