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Thread: IE vs. Netscape

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    in my experience, it depends on what Operating System you are using. If I am using Windows I prefer to use Internet Explorer which is compatible for the said software. However, If I use my supercomputer (which is my linux box)[LOL], I prefer to use the netscape browser or the mozilla.
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    heh.. well... i just got Opera and am using it as i type this. i must admit that i like better than both IE and Netscape.

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    Personally, I can't stand how IE has to be integrated to the nth degree, so much so that if something goes wrong with IE, explorer.exe (would you call that a kernel?) cascade faults into pick-random-error here.
    That's unacceptable just due to the fact that they've never cleaned it up.

    Netscape 6.x looks fairly ok, but now that AOL had bought it out a few years back, no way...I have enough of a hard time dealing with the fact that Windows WILL install "Online Services" no matter what you pick, and I will not have AOL-anything on my machine! I've heard either great stories or horrendous laments on 6.x's speed/etc but I myself am avoiding it.

    Opera - now THIS is my choice. Loved the fact that I can have MDIs in an SDI (and with 6.0 you can choose to have it like that or separate windows). There's only two problems with it that I can see as being a bit of a hinderance. 1: a slow site to connect to slows down all site speed connections until it connects or times out and 2: plugin compatibility (while not THAT important). Both will be worked on, of that I have no doubt, and I find it a great substitute for both Internut Exploiter and Nutscrape. Oh yeah, I bought the licensed version to support it too. Here are some more nifty things that Opera has too:

    1: mouse gestures! (when you get used to this, nothing else even comes close!)
    2: integrated mail! (so it's not that great with certificates yet but who cares?)
    3: easy to manipulate .ini files! (everything's a flat file in your opera directory...what could be easier?)
    4: crashes WAY less and uses less memory! (actually I've never had it crash on me, ever...)
    5: makes coffee! (well, almost, the plugin doesn't quite work yet, hehe)

    All around, I suggest Opera all the way. It took me some time to get used to but now I can't use anything else. Check it out here .
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    i think that IE is much faster than Netspace and it works much faster and it has a nice newsgroup browser so i use both but generally i use IE, I havent tried Opera yet so i have no opinion on that
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    I like IE on windows xp and 98, but netscape is nice on linux.

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