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In cyberspace.. We as hackers.. Are gods.. We look over the petty people.. Destroy them at our whim...

Heh.. Aint it great?
Evilseed: rofl great one! I just find that while RW is a place where I work in a professional environment and make good money, only AO is where I can find people I can actually "communicate" to a level that's understood by peers. People I went to HS now that were destined for glory (as I was looked at as a failing idiot) have turned out to be nothing more than bums with failed marriages/kids etc... Life has a funny way of turning around. I'm doing 100x better than I ever though in HS (only 1 year of college) yet having friends that do what we do is few and far between. Maybe it'll turn around some year, but from what I see coming out of college as programmers and such, I'm not betting on it.