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    This thread number isn't as easy to remember as the FAQ's, which is 220666...
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    Hmmm, ok: here's the first problem already: Remote_Access' 1001 Tutorials-post . I need those links!
    Problem is RA can't edit that post anymore, so he can't get to the 'source' of his post anymore to get me those links...
    if you still need them here you go:
    [URL=http://www.1001tutorials.com/vb/index.shtml]visual basic
    [URL=http://www.1001tutorials.com/vcpp/index.shtml]visual c++
    excuse the crappy look of it but i just took the closing url tag off each one so they wouldn't appear like they did b4


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    val: i can't read that light blue text ... it's a bit tricky... And when I select it to read, it's just as hard. Must be IE 5.1 on a Mac... I'll read it when I get home
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    very useful. ever consider getting permisions from everyone that posted the stuff and putting all the info into an ebook or something that we can all dl for easier reading?

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    ahhh, indeed i feel the new me already breathing my first breath...
    head swarming with new information and a renewed sense of purpose, now if only i could figure out what i need to start my education off with... i.e. should i pick up 'Computers for Dummies'? or jump straight into something a little more tasty like, 'Mastering Linux', 'Windows' or something along those lines?
    not to mention the fact that... well yea ok, so i am going to mention it... the fact that every book O' knowledge i tend to come across is from 1989 or some long and gone past of prehistoric purportions...
    maybe i should i have looked a little for a forum with sugested reading posts... but, damn... ok nevermind i shall go see what i can turn up...
    thanks for the introduction and post...
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    thanx alot...
    sure it will be great!

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    Very good effort. Thank you
    If u can dream it, u can do it.

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    Excellent tutorial link collection

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    Thumbs up

    Great index and tutorials, making life easier the more I read. Also eliminating the need to ask questions that flag me as a newbie with a big yellow shirt on. Bumping up!

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    yes.. this should definatly stay up at the top =)
    my pages: (great resources for everyone)
    geeksarecool.com resource for computers, hacking, virii, wutnot.
    thepillbox.net archive of logs and resource for laughter.
    --enjoy these pages, as they grow.

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