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    The Art of Assembly by Randall Hyde is a great read. It comes
    as pdf though, just search any engine.

    P.S. It starts off well but he uses MASM
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    Don't let anyone scare you away from
    assembly language, telling you that it
    is difficult etc.
    It is the HOLY GRAIL of programming,
    the MOTHER LODE of deep wisdom,
    the BLACK MAGIC of elite hackers,
    the REAL DEAL,
    am I finished yet?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.
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    You can get a detailed idea about assembly by some Microprocessor books as well though i can't recomend one. i personally suggest U to start with 8085 architecture and programming as it is the basic of all PC based Microprocessors

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    yet another tutorial

    Here is a good place to begin with assembly:

    /me puts on a flame proof suit and sez:

    I feel assembly IS the best language to begin with. Understanding it can give insight into the x86 inner works.
    If you can handle the tediuos nature of this language you can stomach just about any other. I'm sure others will disagree however. I have also posted some assembly scripts that you can look at to gain a better understanding of assembly + debug:

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    i would like to thank you 'antihax0r' for having links
    in beggining of turbo assembly... i really appreciate this
    topic and the helps
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