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    Of course a job is going to help you learn.

    I'm a networking student, I read a whole lot and I also have a job on the networking field. I learn in all three ways, and I still have tons and tons to learn.

    I have installed at least 4 networks myself, all from scratch. From my home network to businesses networks. From Unix to Windows to Netware.
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    Cool 2-edged sword

    Getting a job is a definite! Building a home network is equally imperative....

    At a job you will be exposed to scenarios that you wouldn't think about on your own....end-users are amazing....absolutely unpredicatbally incredible....it's the only way you'll ever get to work with the ID10.T interface that connects between the chair and the keyboard...you just can't emmulate that on a home network There are just "issues" that come up in an office and in interconnecting offices that are facsinating....like showing up on a Monday morning to find that a previously hardened web server has been infected with NIMDA and that some other admin has changed user accounts...that things that were working when you left Friday are no longer working and there's no damn reason why they shouldn't be!

    .....But getting a job alone won't do it....won't hone ur skills....

    You've got to continue to sharpen ur skills by bldg a network at home...reading and interacting with others....testing and experimenting on your own.

    It's a 2-edged sword that continually needs to be sharpened on each side.
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    i'm going to assume that you didn't know this already but you could simply study for, pass, and receive some of the network certifications by CISCO Systems, e.g. CCNA, CCDA, Network+, CCIE.

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