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    Hello world,
    I have a problem with Win2000, NT, i want to know if default share for drivers is only C$ and D$, or Win generate a pass.If win2000,NT generate one or is not one of D$ or D$ .

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    windows ussually shares the local partitions or hard disks as C$ and D$ and so on, when you first install it.
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    You can create a share and call it anything. When I plug my laptop into the router and try to access it from my perasonal pc I am prompted for user id and password (laptop on company domain pc on personal domain). Sometime I need to use the format of <DOMAINNAME>/UID password. Hope that helps.

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    Windows NT4 creates shares during the installation at the root of every drive, C$, D$ etc. There is no password generated, however the share has access limited to the local administrators group. These shares can be removed.

    Windows 2000 creates the same shares, with same protected access, everytime the server service is started. This means that you cannot remove the default shares through a reboot if you want your computer to accept incoming connections of any kind.
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