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    thank u very much for all the replies and suggestions but i have never
    done this encryption which u are talking about...and psl tell me what
    is PGP ...
    well the person who are likely to see my folders are dumb fellows
    and i have already kept them hidden and the hidden option is enabled
    so right now the files and folders are not visible but i don't want
    to take a chance...
    and also the size of these folders are not small they might be some
    100-150 MB in total...
    but pls if anybody can help in regarding PGP...i will be very thankful
    to u....
    and also i cannot partition the hard disk as they are office property
    and we are not suppose to figite with it...
    to these are my problems...
    psl tell me how to use PGP ..
    this is urgent...

    thanks a lot to all of u...


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    good stuff to read:


    keywordsgp documentation


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    thanks a lot friends...for the help..iwill definately try this after downloading...

    thanks once again..


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    On way i make sure that nobody can find the files that i have is to hide them in a folder that is deep inside other folders. For example goto Program Files->Common Files->Microsoft Shared or something along those lines.
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    that only works if you take the time to clear down things like the recent documents folder and... if the files are m$ish (word, excel etc) then you can open recently used docs from the programs themselves.
    The amount of effort should be proportionate to the sensitivity of the data.
    If the the other users are clueless, then just rename the file extension to *.zip or *.bmp etc, thats quick, and pretty obscure to most window$ users.


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    Intruder there are two ways u can do that firstly is via softwares the best i recommand is Magic Folder totally hide ur holder no one in the entire world can find . Its really a magic
    u can get that while searching on Google.

    Second software is Folder guard in this way the user can c ur folder but he or she cann't open it not even from DOS until they know the passwords.

    And the third way the coolest, which is not a software is ASCII code yeah u can protect ur folder by ASCII code just visit the following link for that

    Click here

    Do tell me was this u were looking for .

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    OK Here are some programs that are free and might help -



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    check out the site asia.cnet.com/downloads/pc/swlist
    there are some good password tools in there for folders have fun.

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    If you wanna be secure, why not encrypt the files with PGP, zip them (with password protection), and then encrypt the zip file? That way they have to crack two different PGP passwords as well as a zip password.

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