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    is the word 'hacking' forbidden ?, surely if a system is secure, it should be able to handle multiple hacking attemps, how else are we to be re assured that a particular server is indeed safe, bank's employ hackers to check there on-line security all the time, i beleive hacking is an essential part of evolving systems.
    If anybody else thinks im daft, let me know, and ley me why ?

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    No, 'Hacking is not forbidden' , but it's just the way you ask things about it.
    It's just the way you formulate things. Lots of newbies try a little 'social engineering', like
    ' Hey, I have this OS, how can i in without noticing ?'. The most around here aren't dumb , they see immediatly what those want to have.

    As Alcatraz said :

    Where can I learn about hacking?
    At lots of places. Try doing a search on the subject at www.google.com. There are hundreds and thousands of these sites. Here’s the link to the Hacker FAQ at the alt.hacker forum: http://www.antionline.com/showthrea...perating+system . /Quote

    Hope this helps you,

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    Nice 1,
    straight good informative stuff that really useful.
    keep it up

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    I noticed the programming languages brought up. I have took classes on HTML, C++, and an Intoduction to Java. I was wondering how important do everyone here think JAVA is? The intro course did not really cover a lot, and I have to pick another class soo- would some other lang be more useful or should I go for advanced JAVA? Thanks for any input.

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