So, whats the point??
Nothing really, just wanted to make conversation.

The US is bad because we do things that are in our own national interest?????
Any other country that does something in its own national interests is good because it is not the US????
I am missing something WebCarnage. What is it that I do not understand?
Maybe, the US is just bad, because it is?????
No, I'm not saying America is 'bad' in any way. It's actually pretty well set off with our national intrests. But the thing is, it [sometimes] calls upon itself to be "the police of the world".

Finally when that group was in trouble by Afghans who were fighting them, the soviets invaded to attempt to retain controll. At that point(early 80's) we became involved with the Afghan resistance. So, we have been involved in helping.
Do you know why we got involved? It's only because we wanted to stop the speading of Communism, and until recently, the USSR has been kept alive because of lands aquired in Asia with supporters. So America intervined, for it didn't want Communism to spread. For Afganistan holds nothing important to us. No ore...nothing that would implement our prosperity. But, the US thought that communism was surely a bad government system. Yet tell me...what is a bad governmental system. Surely there is no such thing, yet under American 'code' it's, are you saying we were trying to protect it from communism only for them to set up a dictatorship (until recently of course because of taken countermeasures)? Sort of contradicting isn't it.

But where does this 60 years come from
Hehehe, sorry - typo. Supposed to be 50 years. 1947, Correct. Round it up to 1950. 1950 + 50 = 2001.

come on... The territories of the former USSR have oil to, why didnt we invade some of those when the USSR fell. Did oil play a part in some of these things we did, sure it did, but what you are saying is ridiculous.
Really? I was not aware of this, could you state the countries from the former USSR that hold oil reserves big enough to share with the United States of America? All I can think off the top of my head would be something like Siberia. But I'm not to certain even about that. Yet if it was, you think [at the time] they would share their oil with us? Yea right.

Once again, if the world depends on us to intervene, they should not later come back and complain about how/why we did it.
Very true

I repeat, the Taliban has only been in power for 6 years(not 20, Im not sure where your numbers are coming from). During the early 80's there were lots of attrocities commited by lots of different people in Afghanistan, they were in a state of civil war, at the same time part of the population was fighting off the Soviet Union..
Were some of the people involved in the Taliban now part of the groups commiting those atrocities, sure, they probably were, should more have been done earlier, probably, however what could we really have done beyond what we did in the 80's, the soviet union had invaded the place, do you think we should have taken actions that would have made the war hot???
The Taliban have been around for *about* 20 years now. Starting off as just another tribal clan, then finally (at around 1994) they took control over the contry itself. On October 12, 1994, the hardline Islamic Taliban militia emerged and seized the sourthen city of Kandahar (you know where this's in the news all the time) vowing to oust the Mujahedeen and introduce a ruling strictly devout to Islam. Then on September 5, 1995, the Taliban take the western "Herat" province/state, on the Iranian border. Yet, they were around before 1994. A group of people just didn't suddenly pack their bags and claim to be fighting a "Holy War" (or "Jihad" in this case).

All in all, I think your right about a few points. Blame the UN. Heh, no doubt there at all. Thy were givin a job, and whiped their asses with it thinking it'll all just turn out fine in the end if we just leave them. I hope the US (once done in Afganistan) sets up some stable govnernment with a non-bais American. Then once his '4-years' are over, the Afgani's will they should.

[P.S. - There is oil in Mogadishu (capital of Samolia), but lets look at Samolia's history before we rush to any conclusions .
In Somalia, all or nearly all, anticlinal features that have been drilled up to 1977 resulted in dry holes. It was these failures that compelled geologists to seek other methodologies of prospecting oil in Somalia. Then came the idea of using the stratigraphic approach to oil finding in Somalia. Some geologists believe that this method will lead to success.

Secondly, the political history of Somalia played a negative role. In 1969, the military came to power and Somalia shifted to the Russian Block. Command economy and socialism was at the centre of the political economy. In the next two decades, the regime was authoritarian and repressive and oil companies could not take the risk in investing into Somalia, and instead had to wait and move very cautious with regard to Somalia. Somalia was at odds with Ethiopia, and went into war twice in two decades. However, Somalia's policies changed at a later stage and cooperated with the World Bank and the IMF, but this action was too late to contribute positively and the factional movements were already becoming stronger and threatening the existence of the state.

...With this information I give you about Somalia...I fail to understand what that point was about?]