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    Wasn't there a similar post to one of these so called "modem jammer" programs a while ago? Anyhow, I do recall that it would be damn near if not completely impossible to make a call untraceable from your home using software (unless of course you redirect a few calls through some other numbers through the phone company, but then that is more for asinine movies like "hackers")
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    hmmm why not just do a research in "Aqua Box"??
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    i don't klnow for fact that it is impossible to do it through software... highly unlikely, but it might not be impossible. for example... i know some kid who is trying to make a program that generates a series of random ip numbers or random phone numbers. i don't think it works but he seemed to think it would... you never know...

    nothing is impossible
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    The concept of a modem jammer has been around for awhile.

    I'll say it one time. They Don't Work!

    Do you really think phone companies would let it be simple enough to disable call tracing with a small software program?
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    I couldn't resist doing a little more research on this one!

    After a virus scan, hex edit and disassembly I have come to the conclusion that this is simply a script that is in affect just an advertisement.

    I found this stuff on the Net

    Robert Rothenburg (Internet received a file called JAMMER that he says is very suspicious. The archive had a file with the name JAMMER.EXE and a description that said something to the effect of, "run this first and your calls won't be traced."

    He looked through the executable and found the name "Nmodem Jammer 2.8", along with "some other claims about adjusting the modem configuration" and "some nasty insults to a couple of people." Virus scanners showed nothing, so he looked at the interrupts. He says it "looks like it installs a TSR of sorts and does some disk writes." He concludes that the file possibly "instals a virus or just damages certain files, though i suspect it will go after the comm program, as a message says when it ends to 'run your communications program now!'".

    uhm - this one claims to protect from tracing you back on your's modem line . I've never used it , and i don't know if i would rely on it .

    Do you remember the program from a couple years back
    called "Modem Jammer?" It claimed to block Caller ID but it did
    not work (obviously).


    I found this in an old Happy Hacker Digest



    >Anonymous post:

    >What does the program modem jammer do exactly does anybody know?
    >I ran it then called my friend with caller I.D. He knew who I was when I
    >called so it don't work against ESS or caller ID. It's supposed to
    >your call from being traced. But I have not observed this happening. I
    >could mail you a copy but it's all over the place on hack pages
    >so being conspiracy minded......I was just wondering.....need I say

    LOL It's just some joker's way of messing the clueless.
    It's a hoax program, much like APEX. A *.zip file I d'loaded once upon a
    time had a *.com program that was an ad for a BBS that the joker was
    promoting. In the ad, he even admits the program is a hoax.
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    Edited post:
    Never mind.
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