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Thread: Should have looked closely at reviews ....

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    Thumbs down Should have looked closely at reviews ....

    I usually have incredibly bad luck. And an even worse sense of direction (if I say turn right, the correct way is to the LEFT).

    The first Dazzle didn't work, so I thought it was a bad one after trying it in several different systems and Operating Systems. Exchanged for a second one - thinking that I'd give them benefit of the doubt. Tried it in a couple school systems - no luck. Had a couple friends try it, no luck. So - I took it back and saw they had a newer version - and since I still had 4 days to return, I figured what the heck. 1 more try can't hurt since I'm just messing around with video. Well, it didn't work either (love Dazzle, their tech support doesn't exist in any form) - 6 different systems, no luck.

    Then I started checking the web - complaints everywhere. The product doesn't work.

    Okay - I live and learn and check for reviews now. Web reviews are always hit or miss - some companies have their employees post fantastic reviews to hype up products. And what's true and what's not?

    But - the Dazzle is junk. It claims to do great things - but the hardware doesn't work and the software is riddled with bugs. Another case of Buyer Beware - kludged-up junk on the retail shelves and the people who make it know it doesn't work and don't care.

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    Are you talking about this? (dazzle.com not responding at the moment) Why don't you repost this in the 'Product Reviews' Forum.
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