Creating a boot/utility disk is pretty much handy some times. The boot/utility disk that I will teach you is so very different from the crappy windows startup disk. Which most of us won’t know what the heck is going on

This boot/utility disk will take you directly to the command prompt and the CD ROM can be used…

So… first we need some files:

Once you get those files in your floppy, we will start making 2 more files… that’s right.. MAKE two more files…

These files are the autoexec.bat and config.sys

So why don’t we start creating the config.sys

Creating Config.sys

All you have to do is go to the command line… and type “edit config.sys” then a new window would pop up.. it would basically look like dem BASIC or QBASIC windows..

Then you type in the codes…

After that, save it in the floppy…

The main purpose of this file is to configure the computer’s memory. HIMEM.SYS is an extended memory manager.

Creating Autoexec.bat

Now its time to create the Autoexec.bat file…

Go to command prompt and type “edit autoexec.bat”

And in the window input the codes:


Then save it in your floppy…

Now to enable for you to use the CD ROM.. we have to do some minor changes..

Including CD ROM in the boot disk.

We need to do some changes in autoexec.bat and config.sys

So first, lets do the config.sys

Edit config.sys and add these codes:


*it doesn’t have to be “c:\dos\oakcdrom.sys” that entry depends on where the oakcdrom.sys is located in your hard drive.

*the “/D:MSCD001” doesn’t have to be like that. You can change “MSCD001” to anything you want since that is the label of the CD ROM drive..

Save the changes and lets move on to the next step..

In the command prompt, type “edit autoexec.bat” and input these codes:


*again, the path doesn’t have to be “c:\dos\mscdex.exe” it all depends on where the mscdex.exe file is locarted.

*be careful with the “/d:mscd001” part coz if you did change the name in the config.sys file you should do the same in this file. The label of the CD ROM drive in both files has to be identical.

Save your work…

Now you are done… that was a short tutorial on how to create a “good” boot disk manually… save all the changes you made and save all the required files in it and you are done… this is more like of a utility disk than a boot disk because it has commands that no ordinary boot disk has…


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