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    meaning no disrespect with this.

    go to a computer show, buy a cheap floppy and cd for it from the used parts dudes.
    get a copy of aefdisk, repartition and re-format the dammed thing and put on a more respectable os.

    i mean, even microsoft stopped supporting it.
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    Nevermind the locksmith/ntrecover software listed here, you will need a floppy drive for that to boot from.... sorry

    go to http://www.winternals.com/products/r...0locksmith.asp

    you will also need the tool called NTRecover from the same company. And another computer.

    But, this will allow you to access the drive, and change the local administrator password.

    The read version is free, so maybe you can copy the SAM file over a nd crack the password. kinda expensive for the write version though, and that is the one I have used to change the administrator password(at work).

    An alternative option, though maybe too dificult if you are using a laptop, is to take the hard drive out, and put it into another machine running NT 4.0 workstation with the same service pack and then copy over the SAM files from the machine which you know the passwords for to the other hard drive
    You can find a recipe for how to do this on www.google.com or www.deja.com (newsgroup search).

    I have successfully used both methods(NTRecover/Locksmith, and the put the hard drive in another machine).

    The move the hard drive trick will be a bit different with your laptop, but maybe you can jury rig some connectors to get it to work in a desktop, I dont know, as I have never tried to put a laptop hard drive into a desktop.

    Good Luck.


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    Why don't you ask the computer's
    former owner?
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    ...one more method

    Just to add one more method of getting the SAM...

    If your laptop has a RIS compliant NIC, then you could install another copy of Windows Professional 2000 from your Windows 2000 RIS server then install L0phtcrack and crack the SAM from the original NT 4 install.

    Yea, I know, its a ton of work, but the effort doesn't really matter, does it? It's figuring it out that is the fun!!


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