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    You can't run W2K server as a workgroup, it has to be an AD controller. The clients can be in a workgroup, but then why bother with W2K server...

    Are you using W2K professional as a Peer 2 Peer server? That can be put in a workgroup.

    Oh well, for just file sharing and maybe print sharing, I recommend Samba 2.2 for any distro of Linux. Its fast and convenient. I have a W2K server at home & a Linux server, they both work well except my Linux server has about 60 gigs free so I use it more for storage. The W2k has like 4 gigs free... Time to build a new server...
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    You can run Win2k server in a workgroup, if you can't then I wonder what my 20 servers are up to?

    You did mention AD (active directory) now that opens up another can of worms. We don't use Active Directory or Dynamic DNS. My servers are fairly stable and run much better than they did on NT4. I can go for weeks without restarting them, partially (I believe) due to the fact that we kept them simple and aren't running AD or Domain controllers. In fact most of my restarts are caused by apps that won't run for weeks without hitting some sort of barriers internally like variable limits. Unfortunately, it's commercial software so I can't fix it, I just hope they fixed it in the updates.


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