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Thread: No geek?

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    it's true about cliques in HS....even the geeks had their own clique and were unapproachable...but i agree the popular kids were the worse.

    It doesn't matter what you look like, or who you date....it's attitude and what you do with your brain that counts. I just got back from where i grew up and i was shocked to see that most of the popular kids were still there. It seemed that many of them were still riding on their reputations from highschool and they are now stuck in their own little world. Maybe it feels safe for them, rather than having to try to prove something to themselves all over again? i dunno, and i don't get it.

    why are we alive? to grow, to develope ourselves as a person, to have experiences, to learn and surround ourselves with people who challenge us and laugh with us.......looks fade quickly......but the experiences we have will add character, and the knowledge we have, we will always have.

    One more thing...assume nothing...about anyone or anything.
    make up your own mind about someone after you've talked to them first hand...you may be pleasantly surprised!

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    wow you're in a band uraloony? YOU MUST BE ****ING COOL.

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    Well, I don't consider myself cool.

    I knew I was going to get a lot of flames for this, and I don't blame you all. I just thought that after reading the "sad but true" thread, I could might find people with no so sad lives.

    uraloony , keep it going, I was part of bands during my whole high school years, and really made me had a lot of fun.

    BTW, I did spend a lot of time on the cafeteria making video games on my TI calculator too.
    Todo lo que no me mata me hace mas fuerte...

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    You can't always control whether you will be
    popular. Some times those who try the hardest
    fail most miserably to find friends.
    Back when I was in HS (when they used square wheels),
    it was the same as today. My group of friends
    were varied, some were viewed as misfits,
    some were just individualists. Some were privileged,
    some not. Whoever was genuinely friendly, we accepted.
    All this stuff about snobbishness is overblown
    by hollywood movies. Some of us act out the
    caricatures we have seen on film.
    I would rather be respected than loved.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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