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    I think this is silly 120 years... What I would like to know is if this is more tied to distributed.net and what they are trying to do or if this is attempting to control computer "hackers". Either way I disagree, but thats life in our political system...you have to pick the best of the dregs. If we had some real leaders, ones with computer skills the world might be a nicer place


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    distributed computing is a godsend for small collages and buisness that dont have the funds to aquire *Super*computers

    yes he should of checked with his boss, fire him maybey but drag his ass into court, i say give em a pat on the back he was saving some research dept. money the can now allocate elseware

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    Angry Distributed Computing

    Looks like another instance where:

    The people in charge don't have a clue, and over-react.

    The guy should have at least gone thru the motions of asking permission before installing ANY software.

    The prosecutor(s) and Feds only use thermo-nuclear devices to hunt any size fish in the barrel!

    I think losing your job should be tough enough, you still have to look in the mirror to shave.
    Better living thru science.

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    Talking Bumper Stickers

    When is some one going to start makeing "Free McOwen" bumper stickers? Heh, I'd even buy a t-shirt if they made one. They benifits can go to McOwen for bond and some to the companies for makeing the merchandice.


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    my 2 cents

    I tell you what, this is truely sad to hear how our goverment can spend millions of dollars on makeing computer laws and yet they cant even get guns off the streets. I know that computers and the internet have come far in the past few years and there needs to be some set rules and guide lines so that everyone can get along in this cyberworld we live in. There needs to be a better solution to the internet laws and violations, expecialy if the goverment is going to brake them also. If anyone has a link to this news artical could you post it up so we can read more into this. I hope this man doesnt get any jail time for this mistake he made. good post, thanks...

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    Here is some master reciever code for DAMMPclass ResultsReceiver implements Runnable, CommonConstants {

    // Master Control Program, the parent to give the results back to.

    JobMaster mcp; // callback hook

    int udpPortNum; // the UDP port this receiver listens on.

    int resultsSize; // # of bytes in a results packet
    int receiverID; // a tag to uniquely ID this thread

    DatagramSocket dgSocket; // this thread's receive socket

    static PrintStream o = System.out; // convenient shorthand

    // ResultsReceiver Constructor
    public ResultsReceiver ( int receiverID, int resultsSize, JobMaster mcp ) {

    this.udpPortNum = RESULTS_BASE_UDP_PORT + receiverID;
    this.resultsSize= resultsSize;
    this.receiverID = receiverID;
    this.mcp = mcp;

    try {
    dgSocket = new DatagramSocket(udpPortNum);

    if (dgSocket == null) {
    throw new SocketException("Null socket!");
    } catch (SocketException noSock) {
    o.println("Failed to create ResultsReceiver because " +
    "could not create its UDP receive port: " + udpPortNum);
    } catch (IOException badIO) {
    o.println("IO Exception in ResultsReceiver constructor." + badIO);

    new Thread(this).start(); // continue running in run()

    // ResultsReceiver infinite loop:
    // - catch result packet from applet
    // - pass results up to JobMaster
    public void run () {
    byte[] results = new byte[resultsSize];

    while(true) {
    DatagramPacket dg = new DatagramPacket(results, resultsSize);

    try {
    } catch (IOException rcvError) {
    continue; // just ignore and wait for a new packet.

    mcp.collateResults( dg.getData(), receiverID );

    } // End of Class ResultsReceiver

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    Thumbs up

    Let's face it, computers are too dangerous to
    be operated by unlicensed people.
    In fact, maybe we should abolish free speech.
    We shouldn't let just anybody have his own
    private opinions.
    Every time guns are gratuitously brought
    into the discussion, I'm reminded
    that Hitler didn't kill all those people
    with a gun. He did it with speech.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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