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Thread: MFC42.DLL error unresolved

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    MFC42.DLL error unresolved

    Im haveing dificulties resolveing a DLL related error and was woundering if I can recieve some help. I have recieved the error:

    The TAUBASE.DLL file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6883

    I have done research into this issue. It turns out MFC42.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library used by programs that make use of the Microsoft Class Foundation. TAUBASE.DLL is also a DLL file, but spasific to a Anti-Trojan software package I use.

    I used google and found many explanations and solutions for this error message. Many of the solutions were to replace the file MFC42.DLL located in C:\Windows\system\ and replace it with the current version of the MFC42.DLL

    You can download this from many sites. One such site http://www.webattack.com/help/missingfiles.html explains the reason for many of the common DLL related errors and have provided downloads to solve these issues. They provide a download for what I assume to be the current most recent version of the MFC42.DLL file.

    What I have done is booted to DOS Mode, renamed the file MFC42.DLL to MFC42.old and restarted my computer. I then downloaded the MFC42.DLL file from webatack and placed it into my Windows/system folder where it belongs on a Windows 98 computer.

    I again rebooted my computer. However this failed to resolve the error.

    Can someone give me some advice as to how I can resolve this pesky dll error that wont go away before I grow too many grey hairs. Thank you
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    You can try registering both the dll's (note this is a shot in the dark). The command is regsvr32 <dll name>. Or maybe unregister both first then re-registry (/u to unregister).


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    I may have the wrong file but isnt it when you download the mfc42.dll file it gives you comp401.exe or something like that and you have to double click the file and it will extract the mfc file to the correct location not just copy and paste the file to the directory? So my question is when you downloaded the update was it called mfc42.dll or was it comp401 or something like that. If it was the comp file just double click it and that will extract the file that you need to the correct location.

    Again, i may be confusing this with another file so disreguard if the name of the file is not comp401 or compXXX


    well I checked, i was thinking of the wrong file. I had this problem with Trojan First Aid Kit awhile back and I just copied the mfc42.dll file and put it in the directory of TFAK.
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    Thank you everyone, the regsvr32 command worked, i first unregistered then registered as sugested. However before I went ahead and did that, I did a search to verify there are no extra mfc42.dll files in my computer, something I did not think about before. It turns out I had 5

    One inside my documents, one that i downloaded to be used for the swap of the origional, one in windws\system that gets installed with windows. One inside c:\ and a few others inside some program folders shich is ok.

    Remembering how the path works, I remembered first it checks the current directorys, then C then the path. Well now it clicked, C:\mfc42.dll would be found before c:\windows\system gets found, and the search would stop, so even if the mfc42.dll in Windows\system is new, C:\mfc42.dll will not even see the one in system

    So first I renamed c:\mfc42.dll c:\mfc42.old then i used the regsvr32 in dos to unregister and register the one in system.

    So my guess now is that some program i recently installed either placed an old mfc42.dll into c:\ or replaced c:\windows\system causeing a problem. So thats what i think hapened.

    Thank you all for all of the help and I will never forget the regsvr32 command again, since dll errors are becomeing more frequent for me i will problably be useing that command again in the near future.

    One realy good thing that came out of this is I learned what MFC42 is used for and what it does. And I learned how to unregister and register DLLs. I also learned that the Win32 API function call DLLRegisterServer is used for registering and unregistering DLLs. When i did the regsvr32 command a dialoge box opened with the message:

    DLLRegisterServer in MFC42.DLL suceeded

    I learned alot, thanks.
    In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom
    which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. But must I know what must not come, for I shale become those of knowledgedome. Peace~

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