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Thread: Remote Check Of BIOS Settings

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    Remote Check Of BIOS Settings

    Hi all,

    Does anyone out there know of a tool that can remotely interrogate the BIOS settings of a desktop PC. I'm specifically concerned with the Compaq Deskpro series of PCs.


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    hm if theres somewhere where the bios gets cached in memory... maybe you could use a trojan and some kinda prog. to write contents of mem. to disk, then send to yourself. Never seen anything like that though. And depending on how many apps open, that could be a big file to send, so bandwidth may become an issue.
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    by "remotely", do you mean check it from your o/s, or a completely different computer?

    if the latter, i really doubt it. your BIOS settins are stored on your motherboard in the CMOS firmware. it's kind of isolated from most other parts of your computer, so...

    i've heard stories of older trojans and such that managed to get in to the BIOS and overclock a system to the point where the CPU bakes, but i think stuff like that has longsince been dealt with.

    if you mean from the o/s, then it's a little more realistic, but i still don't think so... hell, if you could get it from your own computer, i guess you could easily hack in to someone's computer and use whatever software they have.
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    I know that the management software that the various companies make for their servers can show Bios settings, maybe you could use that?
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